Polyethylene Drainage Pipe

Flexible single-wall pipe, with corrugated interior and exterior walls, available in a wide variety of configurations.

HDPE Septic Tanks

Industrial-grade lightweight HDPE septic tanks suitable for septic, pump, holding, rainwater or cistern applications.

On-Site Fusion

We provide safe, reliable and professional on-site fusion services at very competitive prices.

Polyethylene Culverts

Industrial-grade HDPE culvert piping for several industries including logging, municipal, and residential development projects.

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Pipefusion Services Inc. is a customized piping solutions provider based in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.

Pipefusion stocks and sells a wide variety of High Density Polyethylene piping materials, fittings and fusion machines and provides on-site solutions for various aggregate, agriculture, aquaculture, directional drilling, industrial, landfill, marine, mining and municipal companies.  Pipefusion is a Sclairpipe® High Density Polyethylene Pipe distributor – sizes ranging from 3/4″ through 63″ diameter, the largest HDPE pressure pipe in the world.

Pipefusion is a privately-owned, total piping solutions company with more than 250 customers, over 20 staff and over 9,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities.  Our experienced staff have completed hundreds of projects from Alert, Nunavut to deep in the heart of Texas, and many points in between.   Pipefusion is very active in the community and has won a number of awards for our products and services, including the NyDock line of floating docks and pontoons.


HDPE Culverts

HDPE Culverts

Drainage Pipe

Drainage Pipe

Septic Tank

Septic Tanks


Polyethylene Pipe

Fabricated Fittings

Molded Fittings

Fabricated Fittings

Onsite Fusion

Custom Fabrication

On-Site Fusion

Fusion Machines

Pontoon Fabrication

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Pipe Products and Services: Everything we do starts with polyethylene pipe! The fusion and installation of polyethylene pipe and related products have been the backbone of our business for more than three decades. In this video we explain the benefits to our customers of selecting NyPipe as their polyethylene supplier.

Featured Reports

Muskoka ON: The Story of a Little Floating Tent

Once upon a time, we had a client with very steep property in cottage country… when the tent guys went to measure, they pointed to the water and joked, “we should just put the tent out there.” The client, being…

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Queens NY: Zero Gas Service Interruption

A city that never sleeps rarely comes to a standstill for anything, and refitting the gas pipeline servicing a major urban enclave is no exception. So, when Con Edison, the company that owns and  manages the gas pipeline system for…

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Featured Product

NyDock Floating Docks – it’s never too late to invest in the last dock you’ll ever need!

Escape from the hustle & bustle of life. Spend more time by the water! As you build your new dock system or expand your current one, consider a floating dock system. Floating docks are easy to install and maintain and will last a lifetime. NyDock, Pipefusion’s floating dock systems, are unique because they are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

At the heart of every NyDock system are pontoons made from tough, durable, HDPE pipe used in mining, municipal and industrial applications. The ends of each pontoon are capped with a unique fusion welding process that creates a joint that becomes stronger than the pipe itself. HDPE deck connection brackets are also fusion welded along the pontoon length to maximize the dock strength. Visit NyDock.com for more information.