At Pipefusion we recognize that our greatest resource is our people.  We require three attributes from our staff in their respective duties, none of which can be taught:

  1. Desire
  2. Aptitude
  3. Integrity

The employees, team members and friends who become a part of our world at Pipefusion all possess these necessary and essential ingredients for success.  We respect our employees and have valuable and meaningful interactions with them as we face challenges, overcome obstacles and become stronger people as a result.  We embrace challenge, accept risk and initiate opportunity because we recognize  the “easy road” is not necessarily the “best road”.   It is also recognized by the owner that not only do the employees have to be good enough for the company but the company also has to be good enough for them and we are constantly striving to provide a safe, friendly and professional working environment.

As openings come online we will post them to this section however we are always interested in hearing from you and a resume can be submitted to hr@pipefusion.com