CranberriesMany agricultural industries are turning to HDPE pipe as a means to provide adequate irrigation.  HDPE pipe can provide up to a 10% increase in water reaching the crops over traditional materials, such as PVC, as a result of less water leakage.  HDPE Pipe and fittings are fused together  using butt or electrofusion processes and when completed provide one single homogeneous system to feed the crops with fresh water.

Many agriculture producers, cranberry farmers in particular  are now switching from PVC and aluminum piping to high density polyethylene pipe for and are seeing an immediate return on investment, and a short payback period, as a result of:

  • Decreased costs associated to installation and management irrigation systems;
  • Increase in volume and pressure bring cleaner water to the crops faster;
  • Decrease in water loss due to virtually no water loss or leakage in comparison to traditional piping systems;
  • Increase in productivity  of the equipment and staff due to the ability to drag the pipes, drive over the pipes;
  • Decrease in risk of downtime allows for more production, especially during the short growing season;
  • Decrease costs…our customers fuse the pipes themselves, they buy our fusion machines and fuse their own irrigation systems which keeps their costs down and increases their profits!

Pipefusion provides polyethylene pipe, on-site fusion services, molded and fabricated fittings and custom fabrication to Agricultural producers across Canada.

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