SalmonGlobal aquaculture production has been steadily growing in recent decades, increasingly contributing fish and other edible aquatic organisms of commercial importance entering national, regional and international markets. The growing demand for such products has stimulated the development and expansion of aquaculture production systems both on land and in all water bodies.

Many cage designs and models have been developed and are commercially available. Among these, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cages are widely used, because of the versatility of the materials used, the relative simplicity in the performance of the various farming operations, and the comparatively limited investment capital required. Technological improvements of HDPE cages are evolving with the availability of new materials and the various equipment items needed to service all farming operations.

Pipefusion provides polyethylene pipe, molded and fabricated fittings to Aquaculture industry.  Our proprietary joining methods include several patents on custom fittings, which will ensure that you and your organization are making an informed decision.

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