Directional Drilling

Images-to-use-on-the-PF-website-V2fDirectional drilling is the drilling of non vertical wells. Horizontal drilling, one type of directional drilling, is a method that is used to install pipes, conduits and cables underground in a long shallow arc. This arc follows a preset bore path using a surface drilling rig. Horizontal drilling or Utility Installation Directional Drilling, minimizes environmental impact and is often used when trenching or excavating is not a practical or viable option.

Often used in trenchless applications where digging is difficult or impossible, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes have many characteristics that make them the choice product. HDPE water pressure pipes can be connected by a process called butt fusion, where the ends of the pipes are heated and joined together.

Pipefusion provides high density polyethylene pipe, on-site fusion services, fittings and much more to Directional Drilling contractors across Ontario.

The benefits of using HDPE for this applications are:

  • Lighter, stronger and cheaper to transport and install resulting in projects delivered on time and on budget;
  • Joins seamlessly using heat fusion techniques resulting in less down time and less fittings and one continuous, permanent leak proof system;
  • Low‐impact installation practices such as horizontal directional drilling and other trenchless operations result in minimized social disruption and reduced construction costs;
  • Highly flexible and can withstand stress and as a result can conform to earth movements due to earthquakes and ground shifts without pipeline cracks or leaks;
  • Impact and fatigue resistant resulting in increased life cycle performance and decreased tangible capital asset management costs over time;
  • High performance resins, such a s PE 4710, make the pipe corrosion and chemical resistant resulting in pipes that last longer and perform better;
  • Accepts repetitive pressure surges that significantly exceed the static pressure rating;
  • Environmentally friendly and uses less energy to manufacture. Safe for the environment, recyclable and does not emit hazardous toxins during manufacturing or installation.

Pipefusion provides polyethylene pipe, on-site fusion services, molded and fabricated fittings and custom fabrication to Directional Drilling contractors across Canada.

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