Pipefusion creates new ‘Niche’ producing Docks and Pontoons with Polyethylene Pipe!

Pipefusion Services Inc., is an international supplier for polyethylene pipe, fittings, fusion services, and pipe joining equipment, based right here in Huntsville. Owner Jan Nyquist, who founded the company in 1981, is not one to rest on his laurels. Nyquist explains, “One of the the most exciting new areas of business is the floating docks and pontoons which are now produced by the company. The same expertise, care, proprietary knowledge and equipment that is used to fuse the pipes in traditional piping applications are now being used by Pipefusion to produce unique polyethylene docks and pontoons right here in Huntsville.”

Customers have the option to buy the pontoons and build their own dock or to purchase a complete dock package and have it delivered and installed by Pipefusion right on their own shoreline. One particularly innovative modification allows a dock, or a portion of it, to unclip from the main dock and become a sturdy ‘dock boat’ for cruising Muskoka’s lakes and rivers.

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