Brian Hale

Brian Hale

Operations Manager

Brian Hale was born and raised in Huntsville, Ontario and has been a boater and cottager in the area since 1959. After completing Grade 13 Brian moved on and completed 2 years of environmental studies at the University of Waterloo.

Brian has extensive experience in the polyethylene pipe industry and has worked full time in the HDPE piping business since 1973 where he supervised the Huntsville Fittings facility for the KWH Pipe Plant in Huntsville for approximately 15 years before advancing to manager of the KWH Fittings Division for 7 years, with operations in Huntsville, Saskatoon SK, and Bakersfield, CA.

Brian accepted an invitation to join Pipefusion in February of 2009 and since that time he has not looked back. Brian has over 40 years of experience in all phases of HDPE piping systems and is also a certified health and safety representative. He is a valuable member of our team and a pleasure to work with.

Brian is a devoted family man and well versed with all tools and will tackle almost any home repair project. He is also a private pilot and loves to travel. Brian is well versed with computers and “up to date” with technology in all areas.