Custom Fabrication

Onsite Fusion

Pipefusion is a custom plastics company that uses high density polyethylene pipe and plate, fused with butt fusion and heat extrusion techniques, to fabricate custom products for our customers.

Our experience and capabilities focus on custom fabrication and prototype development of products consisting of plastic materials. We have the knowledge and experience to partner with your innovation to turn your ideas into a tangible plastic product. We provide innovation tailored to you.

We enjoy developing new products for our customers, it’s part of the excitement of a custom fabricating business. In the past, we have created custom fittings for the aquaculture industry, public art displays for the local community, flotation devices for water intakes, floating structures for weather monitoring stations and much much more.

We have worked in partnership with the community and our many vendors to source the proper materials.  We are known for our well-built docks and pontoons and have a solid reputation of being a quality custom manufacturer.  We will work hard to create rugged, long-lasting but environmentally friendly products that hold up against the elements.

Have an idea for a custom project made from HDPE? Contact us today and let Pipefusion bring your vision to reality!