On-Site Fusion

OnsiteFusionPipefusion is a company that specializes in the supply and fusion of high density polyethylene pipe. Our customers choose us because we are trained in all forms of heat fusion techniques and to work in all types of field conditions.

Many company’s claim to be industry leaders and will provide aggressive pricing to win your business, however when their fusions fail and your project is suddenly at risk (and costs are increasing due to downtime) companies, without fail, call on Pipefusion to fix the problem.

We provide experienced, reliable, professional and safe field fusion services.  We believe in doing it right… the first time!

Why hire a construction company to fuse your pipe?  We are known throughout North America as subject matter experts in pipe fusion.  We named our company after the process!  This is what we do and we are good at it.  Pipefusion has over 35 years of experience completing on-site pipe fusion for customers from Alert in the arctic circle to the deep in the heart of Texas.  Our skill and knowledge guarantees we have seen just about everything and have the expertise to complete your project on-time and on-budget.

Our professional fusion technicians have been fully trained and certified to operate all thermal fusion equipment (butt, socket, sidewall & electro-fusion), cutting equipment, mobile transfer equipment and are well versed in all aspects of handling polyethylene. They are always up to date on the latest safety procedures and are equipped to work in extreme cold, wet, outside, inside and come prepared for the job.

We offer our customers a full range of products and services providing fusion machines, a technician, pipe & fittings, and all the equipment that goes along with completing a professional fusion job at your job site. Our technicians arrive prepared and equipped to stay on the job until it is done right. With a fleet of polyethylene pipe fusion machines in stock and relationships with fusion machine vendors, we can fuse up to 63″ solid wall pipe and can provide butt-fusion, socket fusion, sidewall fusion or electro-fusion joints. We are well equipped to handle the most demanding fusion needs of our customers and we document every weld!

We have completed work for directional drilling companies, construction companies, mine sites, pulp and paper mills, landfills, ski hills, municipal government water and sewer projects and many more industries that are turning to high density polyethylene pipe for their projects. Pipefusion has been in operation since 1981, so you can rest assured you will not find a more experienced organization for your fusion project.

We are experienced, reliable, professional and safe!

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