Brad Payne

Brad Payne, Shareholder

Plant Manager

Brad Payne has spent the majority of his life in Huntsville and has worked in commercial, residential and industrial construction. After graduating from High School in 1982 Brad worked self-employed with a local home builder until 1995 when he started his own construction company.

Brad is fortunate enough to be born into a family that has its roots which go back to the beginning of our community in the late 1880’s when Muskoka was first settled and the majority of his ancestors were carpenters and builders. With over 30 years in the construction industry himself Brad has an excellent understanding of the bid process, customer relations, work organization and the management of large work forces and projects which is necessary for a business to operate successfully.

We are fortunate to have had Brad as a member of our team for the last four years and he brings great value in managing both our “In-House” manufacturing activities and all of our “on-site” installations and particularly our large commercial and municipal installations of our custom, unique, proprietary docking systems. In his spare time Brad enjoys boating, fishing, hunting, archery and his cottage.