Jeff Bestwick Life Fund – Donation Update

On August 27th we were live all day with Moose FM 105.5 Huntsville for Jeff Bestwick Day. We raised over $5000 that day and wanted to thank all who contributed.

Since that day we have raised an additional $700 and will continue to raise money for Jeff. Here’s a list of the people that have donated to date. Thank you everyone! Donations are ongoing, and you can contribute by calling Pipefusion at 705-789-9411. Jeff named his NyDock boat the ‘Tammy Tiki’ after his sister.

JB NyDock Boat 2





Tammy Tiki



Mike Hough
Al Malloy
Ken Fletcher
Randy & Karen Spencer – Tall Trees Restaurant
Dave McCourt
Donna Elliott
Fran Midgley
Emily Ratkowsky
Rene PelPer
Teresa Garskey
Brian Anderson
Mary Jenkinson
Jerry & Irene Demane
Leslie Nagy
Adeline Kolas
Barry Gonneau
Joe Nicholls
Lynn McLellan
R&G Construction
Marlene Schell
Peter & Kathy Heggie
Rotary Club of Huntsville
Brian James
Tom & Sandy Withers – Impact Marketing
Paul Rae & Johanne Stewart – Dreams Becoming Reality Marketing
Heather Hernen
Westside Fish & Chips
Rick Clare
Mark Lockart & Norm Jenner
Steve & Angie Lambert
Gloria White
Bernice Greenfield
Lloyd Sieber
Abby Crozier
Rolstons Home Building Centre- Lumber
Brad Payne
Phil Merson
aMac Signs