Fusion Training

Are you a pipe supplier, contractor, or engineering firm responsible for ensuring that the polyethylene pipe on your projects is being installed correctly?

Have you asked yourself these three questions:

  1. Have my personnel been professionally trained in the proper joining techniques of polyethylene pipe?
  2. Should any joints fail, would my company have records and a documented procedure demonstrating that the joining parameters used for the suspect fusions were in accordance with those recommended by the manufacturer of the pipe?
  3. What is the safety risk to my staff and potential liability to my company should a failure occur and it was traced back to a lack of training?

Reduce the risk and have Pipefusion train your Fusion Technicians!

Training1Correctly made, polyethylene pipe joints are equally as strong as the pipe itself and have the same life expectancy.  In our program you will learn the techniques, procedures and documentation necessary to ensure that the polyethylene pipe being installed on your projects is fused properly and that you will have documentation to prove it.

Faulty projects, where the pipe is joined or installed incorrectly, can fail and cause significant expense and disruption to the owner or installer, not to mention the legal liability incurred for damages resulting from inferior workmanship. Furthermore, these incidents can damage the reputation of polyethylene pipe and reduce or hamper its infiltration into municipal or other markets by creating a false perception regarding the quality of the material.  Why take unnecessary risks?

In recognition of the need for training and education in the proper joining procedures of polyethylene pipe, Pipefusion Services has created a special division, “The Fusion Training Institute” for the purpose of instructing end users in these principles.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to polyethylene.
  • Brief history and common uses of polyethylene pipe.
  • Joining methods of polyethylene pipe.
  • The theory of fusion.
  • Interfacial pressure.
  • Temperature.
  • The importance of calibration and pyrometers.
  • Steps in achieving a proper fusion (Fusion machine joining procedures).
  • Common mistakes and equipment maintenance issues which can affect joint quality.
  • Job set-up and planning.

What are the training options?

Two training options are available; both include theoretical classroom training and practical work with a fusion machine:

  1. The individuals to be trained can attend a regularly scheduled course at our Fusion Training Centre in Huntsville, Ontario.
  2.  Our trainer can visit your facility or work site with our Mobile Fusion Training Classroom. For course fees, scheduled dates and minimum class sizes contact our office in Huntsville, Ontario.

Who should attend the course?

  • Distributors, municipalities, mining companies and industry personnel who are engaged in pipe joining activities.
  • Trenchless technology, directional drilling, dredging, waterworks and other types of contractors who fuse or install polyethylene pipe systems.
  • Municipal and industrial engineering inspectors who are responsible for ensuring that the pipe is joined to the proper parameters when polyethylene pipe has been specified.
  • Trade personnel and any other individuals who are interested in learning the proper techniques of joining plastic pipe.

Why should you or your employees take the course?

  • Reduce the likelihood of joint failure on your projects and subsequent liability claims.
  • Improve the efficiency, productivity and confidence level of your technicians.
  • Tackle complex projects or difficult installations with a greater chance of success initially for maximum profitability in the end!
  • Gain an edge over your competition!

Demonstrate to your customers and management that your technicians have the competency, prior knowledge and skill level necessary to ensure that the pipe being installed is joined to the proper procedures; which is becoming a requirement on many projects.

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